Monday, April 11, 2011

April 4th Sono

Sorry it has taken us a week to get back with everyone. It has been a very busy week!! Grandma Freels was called home on April 1st and we went to Arkansas this weekend for her memorial. It was very sad since she never got to see Reagan. They came here for Christmas but left right before Reagan was born.
       We did have a great week in the fact that Reagan's results came back again....GREAT!! The previous scan showed the mass measuring 3.33 cm by 3.19 cm by 2.19 cm. This most recent scan showed the massat 3.16 cm by 2.56 cm by 1.89 cm. The report stated that there was a slight decrease in size of right adrenal mass. No new abnormality noted involving the adrenal glands or adjacent abdominal viscera. It also stated that the visualized portions of the liver and spleen are normal.
    I will have to say Blake has been a big trooper the past 2 times. He has had to go by himself and has been at the hospital for at least 4 hours. I can't thank GOD enough for such an awesome husband and a great father to our daughter. I did have him is it really necessary to do the MRI and put her under since the scan did show a slight decrease. Dr. Granger said they like to do at least 1 more during  the year to get a better picture of the abdomen just to make sure nothing else is goingon. We did end up rescheduling it though to the beginning of June. So on May 5th she will just have another sono and not the MRI. Thank you again for all the wonderful support and concerns you have all shown to us. The support and prayers have done wonders for us. We will definitely keep you updated on her progress. Next time we promise it won't take us as long to get it posted!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Neuroblastoma 5k

Yesterday Blake and I attended the 4th annual neuroblastoma 5k. We formed the team, Team Princess Reagan, and we had such a wonderful turn out. It was so great to have so many friends and family there to support Reagan's fight against neuroblastoma. It is such a great feeling for both of us to know we are not alone on this difficult journey. Our team alone helped raise over $1,800 for the cure to help increase awareness and important research funding to help fund the cure for neuroblastoma. We want to thank everyone again who joined us that day for the walk along with everyone that donated in honor of our team!!! Blake and I definitely plan on making this a family tradition and can't wait to share this experience again with everyone.
      Tomorrow is a big day for Reagan. This is her second sono since the big day that she had all her tests done. Tomorrow will really tell us what direction the tumor is going-- growing or regressing. We had an amazing prayer with Pastor Rick on Saturday and we know that we will be blessed with amazing news. We believe that our Heavenly Father is truly our rock through all of this and he is standing by us every second. We will give an update tomorrow on the news we receive. We want to thank everyone again for your continued prayers; we could not be going through this without them.